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Building Community with Location-aware tools

Page history last edited by Chaitanya Kuber 12 years, 2 months ago

This was a talk at ETech 2008 done by a MIT professor regarding work in mining and making social inferences about location data. They were able to accurately infer social graphs just by looking at location history


Copying livetweets from @madrox

  • Talk about to begin on building community around location-aware tools
  • How does location add value to social spaces? Contention is brightkite does not add value on top of twitter, only complexity
  • When talking social location, answer the Q: "are you taking virtual communities into the real world, or enabling real into virtual?"
  • Data portability with location is key; but location needs to be strongly tied with the same multiple-identity concepts that live in OpenID.
  • Back to brightkite: too much data entry involved to build a real community; need more options for inputting data
  • OH: "is anyone still using dodgeball?" "it's still up? I thought they were dead."
  • Once again, "twitter needs a filter." Talk of twinkle and "geofences" for limiting and controlling location broadcasting.
  • disclaimer: only one other person in this discussion follows more than 25 people on twitter
  • Community talk concluded: consensus is that we need to start thinking about signal-to-noise and robust fussing/privacy controls




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