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Page history last edited by Leonard Lin 14 years, 3 months ago

This wiki has moved to a new home on SocialText: http://www.socialtext.net/wherecamp/

(This site has been despammed and remains for historical/reference purposes only.)


What is WhereCamp?


WhereCamp is the unconference for geohackers and WhereCampWiki is where it all goes down. We use the wiki as the centralized place for communicating all of the final information about WhereCamp.


The next WhereCamp is WhereCamp2009 - check it out!.


What kind of people will be there?


You might see folks like this:


How do I help out?


Connect with us


If you are interested in helping plan, please join the WhereCamp mailing list on Yahoo! Groups so you can join in on the planning aspect.



If you are more into real-time conversation you will also be able to find most of the planners and attendees in #geo (irc.oftc.net).


The popular mailing list where most of the social mapping folks hang out is of course geowanking and you will want to be on that list anyway if you are not already.


We will also be making relevant noises on http://twitter.com/wherecamp as things start to happen.


When is it?


We plan to have many events under the WhereCamp umbrella -- here is the list of upcoming events. To learn more about the specific event, check the event page.


Previous WhereCamps



External links on WhereCamps


Who should attend?


Calling all Geohackers, geowhackers and geoslackers -- its free to attend so why not? Be sure to signup so we can get an idea for numbers and so that you get a kick ass tshirt.


What is a WhereCamp event like?


WhereCamps are built on the ideas originally put forth by FooCamp, except that attendance is open to anyone. It is an unconference,where the attendees drive the content of the sessions the day of instead of having a prescribed schedule and set of content. Therefore, the event is what you make of it, and is only as fun as the people who attend. So be prepared to speak and contribute. If you're still not sure, then read up on the original FooCamp.


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