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GeoFusion  is a digital Earth software technology company in Santa Cruz, CA (www.geofusion.com). We licensed our orginal product, the GeoMatrix Toolkit, to ESRI in 2001 for their ArcGlobe product. Since then we have continued to develop the Toolkit, and have added to this our Application Framework, an end-user digital Earth "authoring" tool called GeoPlayer Professional, a web browser plugin called GeoPlayer Web, and our server application for streaming data to web clients. Our newest software version gives web programmers the ability, using Javascript/Flash and XML/HTML to program digital Earth applications and create "gateways" (web pages that are links into our GeoMatrix virtual world). These applications "run" on our freely downloadable GeoPlayer Web, so this creates a type of open environment for programmers and users. We would like to invite everyone to get involved with creating GeoMatrix gateways that look and behave the way that you want them to. Please watch our website for the upcoming release and information about how to use the system. Of course, all of our current products are available now and we appreciate inquiries.

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