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Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 4 months ago

This was a session on doing a game using the ImageWiki.

For WhereCamp we threw together a small simple game based on the ImageWiki idea in a morning session.  Here is the description of the game, and the leaderboard by the end of the day:



[ I'll append the text of that page to the end of this page for historical reasons since probably that URL will eventually go away as the site gets improved. ]


The ImageWiki itself is brand brand new idea to make an open source open data community driven database of images that can be recognized by a computer algorithm called 'SIFT'.  A group of us are making it because we think it is an important idea.  What it means is that as an ordinary user you will be able to point your camera at an image such as a menu, or a store, or graffiti, or art, or a book - and get back semantic metadata about that image.  Our goal is to create a new kind of  "image dns" and to popularize the idea of sharing images as a new kind of URL.  As well as making a place for sharing canonical metadata about those images (DNS lookups, comments, descriptions).  Of course you can see there are lots of locative implications, especially since we submit the location of the phone when the picture is taken as well as using that to carve away the result set.




Overall a lot of time was spent debugging the game in that session, and eventually we had 5 people who were able to sign up as registrants.  There were some problems, in particular sometimes the images would be assigned to the wrong person - this is fixed now but it might have affected Jason's score.  It was a good first exercise of the ImageWiki and the first time anybody else had played with the ideas.  Out of it we did see quite a few interesting implications; about what peoples expectations were in terms of results and what it might take to be able to abstract out a concept of groups and how valuable that could be from our particular game scenario.


At the end of the day Andrea Moed was the clear winner by a wide margin.  She won dinner with Jason Wilson!  Which is to take place at some point when they are in the same city.


Hopefully the whole project itself will be public soon and then we can do more games.


Here is the text of the ISPY game page:


Wherecamp ISpy

The goal of the game is to find 5 images that we have hidden on people around the wherecampus.

How to play

1) Ask Paige or Anselm for an account

2) Download the iphone client from makerlab.org/iphone.xml. You need to add this to your community sources on your cracked iphone and then install it from the multimedia area. If you need help cracking your phone please talk to Paige or Anselm. The client will let you take a picture of something and it will send you to a web page that shows you what it thinks is the best match. You will know if you got the match right (or if the server got the match wrong.

3) You can also just email the imagewiki if you don't want to fetch the client. The email address for doing a search is "flo@imagewiki.org". You just take a picture with your phone and then submit that picture as an email. The server will respond with links to the best matches.

4) The first person to get all 5 pictures wins dinner with JASON WILSON FROM PLATIAL!!!! WOW!!!!

5) Each picture has a hint about the next picture. Here are some hints: 5.1) this shirt has a cold war feel 5.2) this shirt has a classic feel from yesteryear 5.3) this shirt comes from francophone quebec 5.4) this image has personal meaning 5.5) this image may someday lead our country. 5.6) This is a bonus shirt gooo Barcelona Futbol!!!

6) Expect lots of problems, bugs, wrong search results; that is the whole point - to mess around have fun and play. It should be pretty easy to fix things if things break and just keep in mind the entire project is just a couple of weeks old.


That's fun!!!! - Mikel

Leaderboard - Score out of a maximum of 5

jasonwilson  0
mpfister  1
amoeda  5
brandon  1
deleted  0
michimatthews  0



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