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PublicTransportationInfo Minutes of Meeting

Page history last edited by Joe Hughes 11 years, 1 month ago

Minutes for Transit

Where 2.0 May 22 3:00pm

notes by Cragg Nilson

Transit data not open


GTFS (ideal), ArcGIS, XLS, CVS-format

Google does not re-publish transit data streams they receive as they feel its the transit org responsibility

Accountability - big factor for public agencies not publishing data.  Need to build apps with data that is available, to show value and get the fly wheel turning

By distributing the data, agencies sometimes feel they are forgoing advertising revenue. They want to be the control point with a transit portal that supports advertising.

Urban Mapping - sources public transit data

Status (by Google)

260 cities represented by Google

25 agencies in the US that publish schedule data.  (go to their websites to download)

Canada has 1

Australia has 1

Real-time arrival estimates

3 agencies that BART, TRIMED (Portland), Seattle

Some forward looking transit data, are doing developer outreach

Static Data - Routes are published (http://www.avego.com)

Mailing Lists


OpenStreetMap Transit

GTFS Data Exchange

Conclusion: transit data is difficult!

Join the Transit Developers group

iPhone Apps

TransitR (Portland, MUNI, AC Transit)

Avego - carpools, vanpools (global)

Taxi - US based Taxi service

Getting data out of for hire companies

Digital Dispatched Systems


$20-50K upfront, and you need a end-customer

Taxi Magic - funded by taxi companies

Charge $1.50

MTC - Oakland, Bay Area organization that aggregates 30 agencies for the Bay Area

Trimed has built a transit scheduling dataset that is released as opensource

Transportation is generally a losing business - losing $0.50 for every $1 spent

Creating a federal incentive for publishing data would be a good idea

Has to be a mutually relationship - app developers must give back by collecting data on ridership, to make service better

Crowd-source the round trip data.  Provider riders with the tools to get from A to B

Getting more reach is important.

Some transit companies have been burned as app developers in the past have gone bust after developing a transit app

MyTTC scrapped data and then used a small crowd to source holes

DIYCity - crowd source observed schedule times

Another value for giving out data is accessibility, making data available with disabilities

Campaign in India to force ebook publishers based on disability

App idea: plan a bus route and tell you when to get off

Legislative activity may be required (avego has a lobbist)

Collaborate on open tools

Schedules for transit expire after each quarter: requires update

Issues needs greater visibility in Government

Trials and studies proving open transit data improves ridership


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