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WhereCampSF 2007 Session Ideas

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WhereCampSF 2007 Session Ideas


We're going to do a group lidar photo - not sure what color shirts we should be wearing but it should be fun!


Prior to WhereCamp actually starting, a few of the #geo folks are going to be carrying around GPS'es all week. When we get to camp we're going to play with some of that data using MetaCarta's new open source FeatureServer.


Mike Liebhold would like to do a collaborative real map of the bay area that we create together. This is similar to "The Bay Model" and similar to other models that have been done around the world.


Anselm Hook would like to rant about local food, predictive modelling and place making.


It would be awfully nice if a few people who've done geo games can make themselves heard. Doing something outside.


Poly9 has a new spinny globe project at http://freeearth.poly9.com that will be shown off. We would love to hear developers' feedback on FreeEarth's features and its API! (sez Greg Sadetsky, Poly9 Kahuna)


Yahoo's flickr-fountain will make an appearance.


Dan Greening and/or Andrés Vergara could talk about BigTribe's restaurant, parking, hotel and golf reserving (plus proximity search, geo-tagging, personalizing, favorites-publishing) Javascript mash-up component, and how to add it to an existing map-based page.


Eric Davila would like to have a get-together with anyone using php/mysql or java to manage and serve content for web maps or virtual globes


Tim Waters would like demo some stuff and have a brainstorm about fuzzy, vernacular and peoples geography (normal folks dont think about areas in terms of discrete points, lines or polygons) and how that can be captured and used to give good meaningful information online.


Alan Glennon would like to have a roundtable on what academia should be teaching students with respect to geospatial technology.


Several people approached DeWitt Clinton with an interest in moving forward with OpenSearch+Geo.


There will be an OLPC test unit on site we can do something geo related with.


Judith Bush would like to brainstorm the architecture and process of taking the Library of Congress scanned antique maps, rubbersheeting them, and creating overlays with time stamps for Google Earth and where ever KML is consumed. A public domain Rumsey, if you will.




Kyle Mulka would like to have a discussion on extending the wiki concept to location names and maps.


Vic Shao would like to talk about GPS on cell phones. Topics to include coverage across device OEMs and wireless networks, device fragmentation, privacy, and hot startup ideas.


Hacking Google Street View 


Andrea Moed would like to have a discussion about cultural differences in navigation styles and the implications for bringing nonexpert-friendly geo services to the developing world.

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