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June 2-3 2007


Yahoo Campus, SunnyVale CA (Ok not technically 'SF')




Monday June 4: Some pictures from the event can be found here: http://wwww.genexe.com/?p=105


Sunday, June 2 2:45PM: Internal Building Map -- click the 'pencil' icon, click and add a place -- you'll be asked for your name, and you can mark where you are in the classrooms. If you enter your name and you're already on the map, your position will be updated.



Saturday June 2 Morning 9:15 AM: Folks at the Fairmont Hotel, San Jose need a ride to WhereCamp. Please call me at 415 215 4856 to coordinate or just grab anybody you see in the lobby there and drag them up.


Saturday June 2 Morning 8:00 AM: We found our way to the Yahoo Sunnyvale Campus. Security has opened up the venue. Rooms are open. Projectors work. Food has arrived. Coffee has arrived. We are setting up the open planning schedule board. Early arrivers are trickling in. http://twittervision.com/wherecamp is going to be doing updates. Also feel free to post updates to the wiki (many people will be echoed updates here to their email). TShirts are here.




Note that the password for this page is 'where'. Please feel free to join the WhereCamp mailing list and register at WhereCampSFRegistrants.


If you are more into real-time conversation, chatter during the conference will be in #wherecamp on irc.freenode.net.


The popular mailing list where most of the social mapping folks hang out is of course geowanking and you will want to be on that list anyway if you are not already.


We will also be making relevant noises on http://twitter.com/wherecamp as things start to happen.




Join us for WhereCamp in Sunnyvale at the Yahoo Campus June 2nd and 3rd.


WhereCamp will be the premiere gathering of geo-enthusiasts, web 2.0 and mobile developers, social place hackers, artists, grad students, geographers, earth scientists and anybody else who wants to 'know their place'. We're situated right between Where 2.0 and the Digital Earth conference and will have an overlap of both crowds.


We're going to get together to share ideas, hack on projects, have high bandwidth real time discussion among an extended network of friends and peers within an unconference format. Topics may end up including social cartography, software and hardware, context awareness, mobile development, 'geeks with conscience' kinds of discussion, humanitarian mapping efforts, food webs and local food transparency, psychogeography, geo games and place hacking.


If there's a burning idea that you want to explore with group feedback, any project that you or your posse would like to demo, projects that you would like to hack on with others, games you want to play, please feel free to take this as an opportunity to do so.


There are no registration fees, thanks to our great sponsors, but be prepared to participate, demo your projects or join in and help out.


See the original WhereCampSFInvitation sent to the geowanking mailing list.


The Plan


The plan is:


  1. We'll serve breakfast both Saturday and Sunday at 9 ish.
  2. We all get together in a circle at 10 am and briefly introduce ourselves.
  3. Then people step to the center, state what they want to present, then goto the session board and write their session onto the board.
  4. You make the sessions and provide the inspiration and energy for what you want to talk about and see spoken about.
  5. We do sessions all day, each about an hour, and with a big break for lunch.
  6. There is an end of day BBQ on Saturday.
  7. People are welcome to camp Saturday night on site. You can bring a sleeping bag and stay indoors or camp in a tent.
  8. Sunday we are done around 3~5ish.


We are going to have a group lidar photo at some point during the get together.


Directions (Where the Hack?)


Fly to SJC (San Jose, < 10 miles away), or SFO (> 25 miles) Goto Yahoo Campus.




Please add yourself to our WhereCampSFRegistrants page




Most session planning should take place at the event. Be there at 10 AM to participate in that key stage, to articulate for what you want to speak about or even just what you want to join in on.


Here's a session event grid page where some early planning is taking place.


Here's a place to throw Session Ideas if you have any to bring before the event starts (we'll do most planning 'just in time!').







Anselm Hook and Ryan Sarver are convening this event; for any questions, help, assistance, tips; please contact them on #irc or skype or via email.


Special thanks to our Sponsors who help make this possible:



Skyhook Wireless



We'd also like to thank an extended network of people who helped to make this work including Brady Forrest @ OReilly, Leonard Lin @ Yahoo, Kaliya Hamlin @ IdentityWoman, Tim Foresman @ isde5.


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