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Please register for WhereCampSF with your email; obfuscated if you wish. This will help us follow-up and get a sense of the number of attendees. (Since this is a no-charge event we're going to have a bit more work on our end to make sure that we get a good sense of who is going to be here and quantity of food and t-shirts and the like to bring.)


Note that the password to edit this page is 'where'.


We can easily handle 150+ people; even 200. We're going to see a larger crowd Saturday, possibly growing quite a bit in the evening, and tapering off somewhat Sunday. Please however do try to come by 9 am if possible so that you can share breakfast (which we paid for!), submit sessions that you would like to present, and so that you can participate more fully.


Register by adding your name, website and interests to the page. We'd love to get people's photos too, so there is a photo wall at the end of the page so we can all recognize everyone. Please try to use the same format -- if you want to fill in more info about yourself, wrap your name in [] and fill in that page.


Registered Attendees


  1. Alan Glennon - UCSB Geography Santa Barbara
  2. Alec Dara-Abrams - Sony Electronics, Alec.Dara-Abrams at host am.sony.com - geolocated everything, especially imagery
  3. Andrea Mier y Teran - Yucatan Today Travel Guide - Interested in applications of geospatial technology in the travel and tourism domain
  4. Andrew Turner - Developer - http://highearthorbit.com - Interested in GeoRSS, Geo Aggregation and Neogeography
  5. Annalee Newitz - Techsploitation, Wired, CPSR - geohacks, cognitive mapping, mobile devices.
  6. Anselm Hook - Developer - interested in social cartography
  7. Arno Scharl - The Geospatial Web (Editor), ECOresearch Network - Integrating geospatial and semantic Web technologies, environmental applications
  8. Brad deGraf - http://www.interraproject.org - digital cartographer since 1980, among other things
  9. Brian Chaikelson - BigTribe, mishmap.com - Providing proximity advertising for geo publishers
  10. Brian Hamlin - http://ewasteinsights.info - Interested in urban efficiency and recycling
  11. Dan Greening - BigTribe - Providing proximity advertising for geo publishers
  12. Michael Sharon - http://socialight.com [was Dan Melinger, http://dan.melinger.net - founder and ceo of Socialight, local content platform but he couldn't make it.. :(]
  13. Dav Yaginuma - http://akuaku.org - serial dilletante
  14. David Gutelius - SRI International Aritificial Intelligence Center, meadan, Ishtirak - geohacking, place & identities, machine learning, SNA
  15. Denis Laprise - CTO Poly9 - practicing fearlessness
  16. Colleen Morgan - middlesavagery.wordpress.com - Phd Student
  17. Ed Bice - CEO - www.meadan.org - Interested in geolocating and natural language translation of conversations between english and arabic
  18. Greg Sadetsky - CEO Poly9 - http://poly9.com Hack mashing web dadaist
  19. Judith Bush - Curious - GIS newbie
  20. Marc Pfister - Redding CA - Interested in geovoxels and remote archaeology
  21. Matt Gross - WHERE Mobile GPS / uLocate, entangledparticles.com - Anything mobile and location related
  22. Mikel Maron - http://brainoff.com - Befriending maps
  23. Paige Saez - Place Hacking
  24. Rich Gibson - Author Mapping Hacks - http://geocoder.us - Interested in how maps tell stories
  25. Richard Schave - Hacker - http://2or3things.org - Psychogeography and Neogeography
  26. Ryan Sarver - Skyhook Wireless, Loki, sarver.org - Interested in adding geolocation to the web and general geo-hackery
  27. Samuel Tremblay - Dev Poly9 - Cowboy
  28. Siko Bouterse - http://meedan.org - Arabic Communities expert
  29. Steve Coast - http://openstreetmap.org, http://freethepostcode.org, http://asklater.com
  30. John Morris - http://www.precision-gps.org - Open source GIS and GPS, spatial databases
  31. Chandu Thota - http://www.fatdoor.com - Geo Community Networks
  32. Christopher Schmidt - MetaCarta - OpenLayers and web mapping
  33. Eric Davila - building bridges between content and interactive web maps or virtual globes {and shamelessly seeking employment}, UCSB ISBER/GEOG
  34. Tim Waters - http://Geocodr.net, http://thinkwhere.wordpress.com - interested in vernacular geographies, & neogeo hacks.
  35. Kegan Gan - Geotude - bringing Where 2.0 to the physical world.
  36. Sophia Parafina - Ionic Enterprise, geoho
  37. Ted Scharff - Urban Mapping - Geodata Jockey. Interested in watering uncharted maps, chartering unmapped waters.
  38. Ian White - Urban Mapping  - data hunter and gather-er.
  39. Timothy Caro-Bruce - Urban Mapping  - wanker, geo- and otherwise.
  40. Joel Disini - DotPH, CEO - makers of blogging software w/ built in Template Editing, Profile Widgets, Photo Gallery, Podcasting, & OpenID.
  41. Rich Joste - looking for the nexus between ArcGIS, Flash, graphic design and the real world
  42. Gari Araolaza - Tagzania.com - Personal geography site, garaolaza at codesyntax.com
  43. Luistxo Fernandez - the other one from Tagzania.com - non technical guy, LFernandez at codesyntax.com, gave lightning talk: Historic Maps of Wherecamp 07.
  44. Fred Potter - loopt - Interested in social-mobile and location-based services.
  45. Jake Olsen - CTO Platial.com - interested in communes
  46. Jason Wilson - neogeographist - Platial
  47. Richard George Abas - Chartered Accountact (duhh)-Cartographer. Founder and Promoter of Geotude and Ziptude; Zipcode 2.0 www.ziptude.com
  48. Riyaz Fazal - Urban Mapping - Neogeography and things spatial.
  49. Raines Cohen - Aging In Community - Creating and mapping real-world places (cohousing neighborhoods), overlaying real-world and web services
  50. Mohan Belani - mobile social networking, location based entertainment
  51. Chris Holmes - TOPP, GeoServer
  52. Craig Harper - CEO, Apisphere - mobile messaging, fixed/mobile convergence, mobile security, digital fences
  53. Yvonne Burgess - COO, Apisphere - time and place messaging, love to be with brainy people thinking about complex stuff
  54. Allen Smith - Where.com gadgeteer.org - hardware hacking, ubicomp, maps
  55. Markus Wuersch - WHERE.com, dawidget.com, anything mobile, GPS, geo...
  56. Neil Kandalgaonkar - Upcoming - did new 'Places' feature, just likes geeky maps and mapping geeks
  57. John Carlson - LLNL - chat software, geography/cartography, GUIs, metageography
  58. Rupert Douglas-Bate - www.globalmapaid.rdvp.org I am an aid worker, maps are mission critical, we are hiring 4 people in New Orleans for a pittance, maybe you!
  59. Will King - GeoData Solutions: Irish based GPS and GIS startup. GPS and open source GIS.
  60. Kyle Mulka - My Google Maps API Stuff, Gmap Uploader, Cartiki - web application developer interested in location-based social networking, wiki mapping
  61. Jonathan Blocksom - SAIC - LIDAR / LADAR mapping
  62. Andres Ferrate - terra IMS - All around GIS/Geospatial Guy
  63. Robert Ficcaglia - MotivePath - Location Based Services for Mobile
  64. Mike Liebhold - Institute for the Future - geospatial foundations for contexual computing and immersive media
  65. Schuyler Erle - MetaCarta - Mapping Hacks co-author, OpenLayers and TileCache developer
  66. Jie-Eun Hwang - Harvard Design School - Doctoral candidate - Interested in mapping between physical, social and virtual space.
  67. Skot Z. Croshere - skot9000.com Nextbus hacking, random sensors and gps dataloggers for great justice.
  68. Anne Wright - Global Connection Project, want better geo data and tools for disaster response
  69. Richard Young - looking for new ways to map and mediatize complex emergencies, infrastructure, invisible cities.
  70. Raj Singh - Pubwalk, ToneThis, Veeker - Focused on mobile and location
  71. Sean Savage - CEO and Chief Instigator, PlaceSite; design strategy/interaction design contractor, Adaptive Path, salaryman and chief janitor, cheesebikini. Memeweaver, urban planning geek.
  72. Daniel Zapata - MotivePath
  73. Aditi Banerjee - LifeOnGo
  74. Kiran Harpanhalli -
  75. David Colleen - CEO Planet 9 Studios makers of RayGun (cell phone tracking) GeoFeeder (our 3D geo server) and yes... over 50 high rez 3D city models.
  76. Chris Goad - - Platial
  77. Steven Citron-Pousty - Jone & Stokes: Spatial programming and conservation biology
  78. Stella Wotherspoon - geographer - spatial analysis of urbanism, behavioral and psychogeography, connecting dots that need connecting, urban farming...
  79. [chris.krahe-at-hp.com|Chris Krahe] - HP - Built TOXMAP in `04; Looking for tech refresh for `07, especially making map data easy to find, use, & share
  80. Amit Karmarkar - U Owe Me, Inc
  81. cheong-tseng eng - SFMTA, san francisco's transporation agency.....helping the buses run on schedule
  82. Stephanie Race - Board Member, Global Map Aid http://www.globalmapaid.rdvp.org, CTO & Co-Founder, Intelligent Land Management - Spatial Imagery for Sustainable Development
  83. Newton Chan - the multidisciplinary mashup geek. Also teaches at Foothill College. And got interested in Semantic Web lately.
  84. Sharla Schryer - GIS Analyst, GIS West
  85. Laura Mawhinney - GIS Analyst, GIS West, Interested in geography and humanitarian efforts.
  86. Ragi Burhum -
  87. Jesse Evans/Sam Evans - 30Proof LLC/Wild Sanctuary Associates {http://www.wildsanctuary.com} {http://www.wildsanctuary.com} Pairing creative KML/geo-tagged developments with social concerns!
  88. James Schek - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) - Interested in spatial database and query technologies, scalable technology; resident Dahar Master of the pile-o-ESRI products.
  89. Suliman Almazroua - Network Engineer
  90. Dave Oester - Developer - SiRF - Interested in GPS/Hybrid positioning systems
  91. James Littlejohn - http://www.aboynejames.co.uk interested in the weather where I am
  92. Vic Shao - principal & founder of LBS Pros. All-around mobile / wireless / GPS guy.
  93. Sudha Jamthe - Entrepreneur, Coolastory - Startup Mentor Blog - semenax Interested in learning new technologies and startups in mobile space, particularly Application level mashups of different worlds - cell and web.
  94. Hiren Patel -
  95. Nick Gerakines -
  96. Shirish Jamthe - Not happy with the GPS data quality and looking to improve it.
  97. Andrea Moed - Sociable Mapper, recently at UC Berkeley School of Information, now at Y!, interested in LBS for developing regions
  98. Narayana Aroori (narayana.aroori@gmail.com)
  99. Jennifer Strahan - GreenInfo Network - Web mapping in support of non-profit public interest and conservation groups. Interested in improving usability of web GIS apps.
  100. Kesava M - iSchool - UC Berkeley - Summer Intern at SAP
  101. sally applin - http://www.sally.com - fine artist, itp grad, gps newbie, curious
  102. david herring - geo curious
  103. Rahul Nair - www.rahulnair.net Yahoo! Research Berkeley
  104. Ray Balberan - raybalberan@yahoo.com - Stop the violence / Community empowerment / web for social change
  105. Dennis Crowley  - area/code
  106. Leslie Rule - Center for Locative Media and KQED's Digital Storytelling Initiative - interested in all things narrative and locative, especially using emerging technologies and mobile devices to distribute.
  107. Szu Chang - www.intnetjournal.com-- write about where 2.0 on yahoo stuff on Internet Journal.
  108. Chung-hua Chuang - interesting on Yahoo! map api.
  109. Wm Leler - ZAT
  110. Bernt Wahl - Wahlnair
  111. V. Lim -
  112. Thuy Bui -
  113. Simon King - Yahoo! Research Berkeley
  114. Ichiro Okajima -
  115. glenn edens - http://www.01sj.org/ Zero One: The Art and Technology Network and Science2Art LLC
  116. Chris Martin - http://cjmart.in - Yahoo! Research Berkeley / Georgia Tech Digital Media - Interested in just about everything.
  117. Larry Gonzales -
  118. Lior Ron - Google
  119. Jamie Taylor - Metaweb/Freebase
  120. Andre Lewis -
  121. Karl Lusebrink - Interested in new apps, start-ups, 3-D. (12 yr QA expereince at Navteq and Tele Atlas)
  122. Steven Echtman (Sunday Only) - New (stealth) start-up - delivering location based content.
  123. Rico Hauke -
  124. Ricardo Rodriguez - Interested in Corporate Enterprise GIS solutions, Mash-Ups, Location Based Services, Web-Mapping.
  125. Joe Hughes - Google Transit, GoogleTransitDataFeed, Headway, buskarma
  126. Nick Black - ZXV Ltd, openstreetmap
  127. Dylan Simpson -
  128. C Lee -
  129. Bennett Fonacier - http://www.trivalleyweb.com, Dotnetnuke 4.0 hosting and mash-ups with google.
  130. Eliane Fiolet - http://www.ubergizmo.com publisher and editor at Ubergizmo.
  131. Hubert Nguyen - http://www.ubergizmo.com publisher and editor at Ubergizmo.
  132. Chai Geller - entrepreneur / wireless location afecionado
  133. Duncan McCall -
  134. Travis - http://www.neighboroo.com Neighborhood Stats and "Gists"
  135. Greg Schechter -
  136. Chris Ingrassia - http://www.geocommons.com - FortiusOne
  137. Pramukta Kumar - http://www.geocommons.com - FortiusOne
  138. Amber Duffy - geo curious; interested in applications of geospatial technology in the field of broadcasting
  139. Jeff Tseng -
  140. Chris Wilson - Probe based mapping, stories about places beyond address, and price, data integrity and standards.
  141. Brandon Martin-Anderson - http://graphserver.sourceforge.net - volume pills interested in alternative transportation; automated and iterative trip planning
  142. Michael Chang - Yahoo! Design Innovation Team - mchang at yahoo dash inc dot com
  143. Aaron Koblin - Yahoo! Design Innovation Team - koblin at yahoo dash inc dot com
  144. Ratanjit Gandhok - ratanjit_gandhok AT Yahoo.com, interested in Map Mashups,
  145. DeWitt Clinton - Google
  146. Zach Wilson -
  147. Willy Pell -
  148. Paula Levine -
  149. Adam Roth -
  150. Allison Baden -
  151. Robert Damphousse - locative-curious artist
  152. Adam Glickman -
  153. David Wilson -
  154. Sarah Lefton - sordid past in GIS-meets-the-TV-industry although currently disengaged
  155. Andrew Hoppin - http://www.globetransform.com and http://colab.arc.nasa.gov; formerly of http://www.mapspace.com and http://www.civicspacelabs.org
  156. Sergio Cardoso - jeepx: GPS Discoveries
  157. Dimitry Bushuev - R&D Engineer, Grouper.com
  158. David Hall - soon to be intern at Yahoo, wants a better map of Sunnyvale and its bus routes, but doesn't know where to go
  159. Douglas Crockford - JSON.org
  160. Aman Gairola -
  161. Dave Troy - creator of Twittervision, Flickrvision, and Twittermap
  162. Christian Heilmann - http://wait-till-i.com, author of some books on webdev thingamajings and traveller (visiting from UK)
  163. Daniel Dye - WeoGeo
  164. Shannon Clark - NELA Partners and MeshForum, personal blog Searching For the Moon, entrepreneur, conference organizer, economist, building Geo related businesses
  165. Aneel Nazareth - Map user
  166. Zann Gill - http://desyn.com — decision support and collaborative IQ re environmental sustainability
  167. Michael Shiloh - will bring some Neo 1973's with development environment, and show OpenMoko, a completely open source location-aware mobile computing platform
  168. Paul C. Jeffries -- http://www.linkedin.com/in/pauljeffries
  169. Andrew Gooding
  170. Anupama Sharma
  171. Alex Ho - http://www.genexe.com
  172. Zaven Demerjian- UC Berkeley
  173. Kyla Tirey - University of Arizona student - interested in GPS quality, cost-effective improvements
  174. Sam Perry - Map user, Ascendance Ventures, Stanford RDVP, etc.
  175. Peter Robinett
  176. Dave Beckett - http://librdf.org/ http://planetrdf.com/ and Yahoo
  177. Bernhard Seefeld - Google
  178. Benjamin T. Satterfield - http://www.blogabond.com/ (proxy for Jason Kester, Expat Software - http://www.expatsoftware.com/articles/)
  179. Emad A. Salameh - http://spotforecast.blogspot.com , entreprenuer interested in Global Maps, Location Bases Services, and GPS
  180. Benedikt Foit - ESCP-EAP student
  181. Chris Loh - Visiting Scholar, Columbia Institute of Tele-Information (CITI), Columbia University, New York. Focus: LBS
  182. Raine Lightner - Senior Web Developer - http://www.geocaching.com http://www.wherigo.com http://www.groundspeak.com
  183. Rob Abbott - Founder - Ideolocal - ideolocal.com
  184. Jared Zimmerman - Interaction Designer - http://www.metadesign.com - http://status.jaredzimmerman.com
  185. Peter Tsai
  186. May Wang
  187. Christian O. Petersen, www.cloudmade.com


Photo Wall


(You can add yourself here as well if you wish to provide a bit more information; we switched to the above simpler format just for clarity and so that we could get a quick summary of all the attendees).


"If people did not sometimes do silly things, nothing intelligent would ever get done." -Ludwig Wittgenstein




Ed Bice:

Chief Instigating Officer Meedan.net

1255 Post Street Suite 540 San Fran 94109











A cheerful, cynical stoic, he believed in nothing - or so he claimed - and in no one other than himself. Like Jack London, Jack Black, and Josiah Flynt, Tully was a road kid who found a way to get off the road. He learned how to write.

Richard Schave:

327 1/2 South Ave 20 Los Angles, Calif 90031






Personal Note:



language is my second language


Name: Anselm

Home Address:

Home Telephone: 4152154856

School/Business Address:

School/Business Telephone:



Personal Note:

Email: anselm@hook.org



Andrew Turner

Ann Arbor, Michigan






Interested in GeoRSS, Geo aggregation, neogeography


DSC_7582 Rich Gibson

Rich Gibson

Sebastopol, CA




Mapping Hacks


Interested in stories



Greg Sadetsky

Quebec City, Canada





Hack-mashing web dadaist



Denis Laprise

Quebec City, Canada





Denis Laprise is known for his stoic confidence in mankind and life and, among other things, as a practitioner of fearlessness.

Samuel Tremblay-Cossette

Quebec City, Canada






Mikel Maron

Brighton, UK & SF


mikel_maron yahoo com



Friend to maps


Ryan Sarver

Boston, MA

rsarver @ skyhookwireless

ryan.sarver @ gmail





Exposing geolocation on the web


Steve Coast









Alan Glennon

UCSB Geography

Santa Barbara, CA 93106


alan *at* geog.ucsb.edu

virtual globes and augmented reality


Marc Pfister

Redding, CA


marc dot pfister at gmail dot com

mpfister at enplan dot com



-Interested in geovoxels and remote archaeology

-Have a big pile of lidar data to play with


contemplating the path ahead


Name: Brian Hamlin

Home Address:Oakland, CA




Email: pw a.t. screenlight d.o.t com



Dav Yaginuma

San Francisco, CA



Blog: AkuAku

Email: [ 'dav', ('Aku'*2)+'.org' ].join '@'


Colleen Morgan

PhD Student

Anthropology Department

University of California, Berkeley


Lover, archaeologist, fighter.

Blog: Middle Savagery

Email: clmorgan at berkeley . edu










Siko Bouterse





oh wow i made it work


paige saez

super powerful





so where are the girls?



Judith Bush

Christopher Schmidt



Tim Waters

aka chippy

Leeds, UK.

Blog: http://thinkwhere.wordpress.com">http://thinkwhere.wordpress.com

email: chippy2005 gmail

Kegan Gan


email: kegan (only at) geotude.com

location: GT.53781.06.76.40.GT


Sophia Parafina


Ionic Enterprise

email: sparafina@ionicenterprise.com


making purty maps


Ted Scharff


Urban Mapping

email: ted at urbanmapping period com


Not a metrically continuous space.




Ian White

Urban Mapping

email: ian at urbanmapping dot com


Damn the torpedoes!


Tricks w/ ice cubes!








Richard George Azlan Abas,

georger at geotude dot com


flying from Malaysia ,

(where?, u ask? Lat 3, Long 103, 15 hours time zone from San Jose)

any body coming from further away?



John Carlson

email: john.carlson3@sbcglobal.net

Computer programming multiuser systems

Kyle Mulka

mulka at umich edu

Web App Developer





Rupert Douglas-Bate email: rupertdouglas@googlemail.com aid worker and in love with maps that improve the way aid is delivered, recently wrote an essay called 'The Competition for Hope.'



Sean Savage

San Francisco, CA


sean you know cheesebikini.com


CEO and Chief Instigator, PlaceSite;

Design strategy/interaction design contractor, Adaptive Path

Salaryman and chief janitor, cheesebikini.

Memeweaver, urban planning geek.

David Colleen

Planet 9 Studios

San Francisco, CA

dcolleen @ planet9.com







Szu Chang

Internet Journal






Internet Journal. . Internet Journal provides the insights and analysis on Internet marketing, eCommerce, mobile communications, eSecurity, and global e-Business. http://www.intnetjournal.com

Dan Greening

CEO, BigTribe Corporation


"Good girls go to heaven. Bad girls go everywhere."

Lahaina HI, October 2006


When she isn't swilling beer from a paper bag in the middle of the road, she fixes CSS bugs, tries to spatially index in EJB3 and gets her groove on with Groovy.

Stella Wotherspoon


likes maps

Chai Geller


email: chai@meekoom.com

Chris Holmes http://geoserver.org, http://topp.openplans.org


  • Benjamin Satterfield (left)
  • Jason Kester (right)



Travel blog community with maps


Expat Software

Offices Worldwide



Emad A. Salameh

Entreprenuer of Global Maps and Digital Earth

in the Middle East


Amman, Jordan


Jared Zimmerman

Interaction Designer at MetaDesign





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